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Government Sponsored and Approved Terrorism against its own Citizens.

[HAZLET, NJ--April 23, 2001]
At what point does a citizenry catalogue injustice and find it not
When does a mass public denote outrage against clear acts of tyranny,
and aggression against its own peoples inflicted purposefully by an
government? When do we as a free people, voice our intolerance against
acts of criminality continuously committed against our own citizens?

At what point do we as a free people, declare these acts unacceptable
and intolerable??

On April 12, at approximately 6PM, three officers of the Monmouth NJ
County Sheriff's
department forced entry into the home of Father's Rights activist Wilbur
Streett and
his family, without a warrant, and brutally beat and injured him for a
crime he
didn't even commit. They brutalized him exactly as we would expect
foreign fascist
and totalitarian regimes to do against their own defeated populaces.
They beat him
in front of his own wife and children, in his own home and community.
They openly
declared direct insolence and total disregard to the law while publicly
their crimes. They laughed at him, patronized him and then dragged Mr.
Street off to
jail, then invented further charges to keep him falsely imprisoned and
to invent
excessive bail extortions from him, and left his home and family
destitute and in total
disarray--with the smell and sting of pepper spray still permeating
throughout their home,
as if it were a war zone.

Again, this is not happening in some foreign country. This is happening
in downtown
America. In American middle-class communities. An apartheid is being
against Fatherhood, so that newly empowered socialists and communists,
and imbued with the safety and comfort of the color of public authority,
can subvert
a nation from within, exactly the way Hitler overthrew the Weimar regime
prior to
WWII: by and through "the rule of law."

This is not law, and of course, this is eminently not legal.

There is an elegant maxim of law, that defines this case perfectly, and
it says: Omne
actum ab intentione agentia est judicandum. "Every act is to be
estimated by the
intention of the doer."

We have an ongoing cadre of government offenses against its own
populace, a new
apartheid, being applied as a systematic cannibalistic policy against
Fathers, being
propounded only by government officials: to enslave those same fathers,
to separate
them from their own children, to drain their wealth, and then to
criminalize them
for the acts of those same government officials whom fraudulently
inflicted these terrors
against them!

We have Fathers across this nation, in which the "Family Courts"
regularly steal and
kidnap children and separate them from their Fathers, to directly enrich
mothers, and
state and counties, in order to obtain new U.S.C.A. Title 42, Chapter
21, $ 666 "Title IV-D"
Welfare funding's. In other words, they are doing all this for profit.
We have a government in a
rabid orgy of hunting men, for profit, on imagined "crimes"--when in
fact, no crime exists.
Instead, the facts show that most fathers who do not pay child support
are poor, are in jail,
or; amazingly--dead. Those are the fathers consumed by this new
apartheid. The poor, the
innocent, the directly disabled. We have a nation of innocent fathers
falsely imprisoned into
modern (and illegal) debtors prisons.

More importantly, we have a new class of "Manufactured Crimes,"
inflicted by local DA's, and
Health and Services officials, to purposely keep inventing crime on
paper, by falsely claiming
large segments of Fathers "behind" or "partial" in their Child Support
obligations. More than
this, they invent huge sums out of the ether, with no palpable and
reasonable adhesion to either
the facts or justice and purposely and intentionally manufacture
fraudulent sums against
Fathers to whom they know, can never pay these vast "Child Support"
extortion fees.

This of course is a statistical trick, used to obtain more funding, and
more importantly; as
an illegal extortion tool, and as a political tool to keep fathers
terrorized and directly
under control by claiming and manufacturing "problems" when there are no
There are only "needs."

These facts are in direct contradistinction to mainstream media and
government officials
continuous flotsam of propaganda and pabulum that "all men are abusers,"
or "deadbeats," and
that they are doing these crimes against fathers "in the best interests
of the children." There are
even well known lies, distortions and disinformation campaign's openly
broadcast over and over
as "truth" to the unsuspecting American public to gain support for this
government sponsored
apartheid, such as the $34 Billion dollar child support figure "owed by
deadbeat dads" iterated
over and over, in administration after administration, yet which is
totally false. Nothing, could be
further from the truth. Clearly, we are at a time, when our own
"government" is directly using lies,
distortions, and a total obfuscation of law and the truth in which to
sustain this needless and egregious
Apartheid and direct disenfranchisement of a gender. They are
arrogantly using propaganda as a
tool for social change, for social engineering purposes not yet stated;
nor allowed by law. We can
only guess at its design or outcome. Or as the maxim denotes above:
"The intention of the doer."

So now we have the Wilbur Streett incident to add to a long train of
usurpation and abuses from
those within government, inventing and manufacturing this crime, with
only a pen. We have had
the Brian Armstrong incident, where he too was brutally arrested, taken
from his own home without
warrant, placed into a Manchester New Hampshire jail--then brutally
beaten to death. We have the
Bob Cheney incident; again--a man whom had his own son stolen from him
by his ex in 1985--then;
like many fathers, went to court in good faith to have his son returned
to him. He too refused to
acquiesce to this kidnapping, and resisted, and "used systems of
redress" where there is intentionally none.
He was brutally kidnapped without warrant from his home in Queens, New
York, falsely arrested and
placed into New York jails where he was brutally beaten for not booking;
then, amazingly, placed into
the Federal prison system, without trial, or due process, then taken
across state lines--all without any
governors warrant or supporting law or documentation all the way to
California, there to be imprisoned
BEFORE any trial for 305 days! We have the Earl Wellwood case, where
are man with a verified
broken and damaged back, was put into prison, for non-support; when,
amazingly--he was taking care
of those same kids and had full custody and control of them in his own
home! Clearly, we have a
virtual plethora of horror stories like these encompassing this nation,
in every community, that proves;
something is terribly broke. Something, is terribly, terribly amiss.

We are at a time, where neither we, nor our children can afford to be
"saved" or "helped" by our
government any longer. This isn't help. This is factually a domestic
enemy hunting us all for profit.

Yet, we remain obsequious. As Martin Luther King once noted, it isn't
evil people that allow darkness
to encompass the world, it is what he said were "people of light", who
through their own silence allowed
darkness to prevail...

What is so opprobrious to the present case and thesis, is that Mr.
Streett didn't even owe what was
claimed by Welfare. In fact, he was ahead of payment! Incredulously he
is owed money! Just as a
letter from Health and Human services reluctantly admitted to him last
week. Yet here he is, falsely imprisoned,
injured and beaten, his home and family's safety and security raped, by
those who swear an oath that they
will protect us. He has had $2,600 of his rent deposit money needlessly
seized. He has had to pay an excessive
$3,000 dollars to pay out in bail monies to get out of jail. His wife,
and children now live in terror. And
now, something immutable has also left him, as it has been physically,
and brutally beaten out of him by
"jack-booted thugs" that demand higher public funding, and salary
increases from us all.

The government of course, wants you to fund more of their 'training'--so
this *wink*-*wink*, won't happen

The hell with their funding. To hell with their 'training." The time
has come to deny them ALL MONIES.
The time has come to simply arrest, seize, prosecute and drive out these
criminals within our own government.
The time has come to tell these people, that they cannot live amongst us
any longer. They are in fact, a domestic
enemy, residing within our nation--and should be treated as such.

So you people of light, tell me, what is the intention of these
jack-booted 'doer's'? How does the
maxim of law apply in this case, or any other one of a myriad of cases
and horror stories that are
occurring across this nation? More importantly, what are we going to do
about these treasons?

When does state sponsored terrorism, and Apartheid, become intolerable
in America?

When do we live free? And more importantly; when do we change this? As
this sustained abuse now
leaves dead and beaten fathers in our midst, and government "officials"
who openly spit and laugh in
direct arrogance to our laws--what do we do as Judges allow these
government criminals "immunity" as
a license to commit these crimes?

How much more do we tolerate? What crimes and direct treasons haven't
they done to us? What laws
and constitutional protections, haven't they totally shredded and openly
disregarded? What laws, if any,
can Fathers depend upon any longer? When do they start coming after

When do people of light, finally stand up and say "NO MORE"!?

The Father's Rights movement is now at a stage, where it has gained
critical mass, and national standing.
Guess what people? It is time we all stand up as people of light, stand
together, and resolutely say "NO MORE."

It's time to finally, do something.

Respectfully Submitted,
Aaron Burr

Contact Numbers if you need further information or Wish to Help:
Wilbur Street: 732-888-1338
Dan Bailey-- 530-872-8077

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