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Listen to how the hosts tell a woman how to destroy her car so that she can get a new one in her divorce. Write to Car Talk and your local NPR station to express your outrage at the link below.     


This is the letter that I sent to Car Talk and NPR.


April 13, 2003


Dear Mr. Berman:


I listen to Car Talk on WBHM out of Birmingham. On the April 12, 2003 edition of Car Talk a call was taken from a caller "Miranda from the East Coast."  The caller refused to identify herself, and then asked the hosts to instruct her in a method to cause her older mini-van to stop working and make it look like the vehicle "just died."


I was appalled at the answer, and horrified that the hosts even attempted to answer her query.  "Miranda's" rationale for asking how to destroy her car was so that she could get her soon to be ex-husband to buy her a new vehicle as part of the divorce settlement. The discussion went on for a little while, and it came out that "Miranda" was upset because her husband left her for someone with "big headlights." It is no surprise that "Miranda's" husband chose to leave, considering what a devious, immoral, unethical "witch" the caller seems to be.


What came as a total shock to me was the solution given by the hosts to drain the oil from the car so that the engine would seize up. I do hope that any male in the process of getting divorced listened to this show.  I also hope that if the scenario is concurrent with the demands of his soon-to be ex-wife, the man plays this tape for his attorney and the judge, and brings Car Talk and all associated with it up on charges of extortion and fraud, along with his ex-wife for perjury and fraud.


As the hosts are aware, divorce is no picnic, and there is an extreme bias in the court system against the male.  The hosts suggestion on how to destroy "Miranda's" car simply played into the divorce ethic of  "women take all."


I will no longer listen to car talk, and will be asking that the many fathers' rights organizations boycott both the show and NPR.  I will suggest to any NPR listeners in the fathers' rights movement to think twice before they renew their pledges to NPR stations that air Car Talk.


The boycott information will be posted to the many organizations across the world that are trying to establish parity in the family court system, along with a link to the car talk website.


The hosts are guilty of collusion in fraud and extortion, and perhaps a violation of the RICO act. (Conspiracy to defraud.) And it is out there for the public to hear.


Mr. Berman, just so you don't think that I am some ex-husband who has a lot of anger, please let me give you a brief history of who I am.  I am a second wife who is dealing with the constant grabbing of the first wife, so much so that my children are suffering.  Ask any second wife which children are more important in the eyes of the court and the law. I am the Director  of Florida Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, I am an Executive of Citizens Against Paternity, a Life Member of DADS of FLORIDA, former President of the Second Wives of Florida, and member of the legislative committee of DADS of FLORIDA.  I am a frequent contributor to various father's rights groups, both through the internet and by writing op-ed pieces.


As the show's producer, you should never have let the call from "Miranda" air on the radio. If the call slipped by the delay, then when you heard "Miranda's" the question you should have gone to dead air. By airing the full conversation and the answer, you have lost the respect of many people.  I hope that Car Talk will feel the effect in it's pocketbook, along with the NPR stations that carry the show.



To remedy this situation, Car Talk must extend an apology for the acts of the hosts both on the radio and on the website. Perhaps it might behoove Car Talk to have a fathers' rights activist present our side.




Nadine G. Mendelsohn-Ziskind

Director: Florida Citizens Against Paternity Fraud

Life Member: Dads of Florida





I concur with Nadine.

I hope that NPR stays far away from giving advice on childcare. Apparently a call placed by a parent to conceal and alienate children from the other parent would promptly receive proper guidance, as long as it was from a woman seeking a divorce.



Tony Spalding

President Florida DAD inc. (Dads of Florida)


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