My name is Tony Spalding. I am the president of an organization called Dads of Florida and an elected official in this state.

I have been using you products for many years. Because of your commercials, I will no longer do so. I have also put your parent company (general mills) on our official boycott list. The reasons are that all of your commercials are gender biased against men. If you do not already know there are 4 million single father households in this country alone, and many more households where Dad is solely responsible for food intake of the family part of the time. Your commercials show only the mother (mom) in this role and in some cases depict "mom" as the person who has to modify the meals around her irresponsible husband and children.


This does a huge disservice to all fathers single or otherwise, and promotes all men as incompetent of such tasks as preparing a meal. These commercials also promote the myth that only a "mom" has the capability to raise children.


I truly hope that you will make an immediate effort to stop this practice of producing the false and gender bias commercials.


In the mean time I will speak to the head of our state school administrator, and HE is considering removing all Florida public schools from the General Mills box tops for education program, as he feels that the children of our state should not be mislead about gender roles and responsibility.






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