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December 17, 2005


To: American Home Products, Public Relations Dept.

 Public Relations:


Subject: Advertisements


For many years, the viewing public has been exposed to American Home Products television commercial campaigns for Robotussin using the "Dr. Mom" theme.  For the same amount of time, we have been appalled by this theme.


In this country, there are approximately 2.7 million single father households and millions more households in which the father is the primary shopper. Recent census data has shown that the number of single-father households in this country is increasing every year.


Your advertising campaign using the "Dr. Mom" theme degrades men by portraying them as incapable, or lacking the ability to properly care for themselves or any family members. In using this kind of campaign to sell your products, your company is only furthering the public perception that men in general cannot be good and proper parents.


If in fact your products are so ineffectual that you need to degrade an entire gender just to make a sale, then there is no place in our medicine cabinets for your companies' products.


Your company has been placed on our boycott list and the information relayed to our national organization, DADS AGAINST DISCRIMINATION, USA.  We have sent this information to other fatherhood organizations along with a request that they join our boycott of Robitussin and any other products manufactured by American Home Products.




Tony Spalding

Tony Spalding

President DADs of Florida



 P.S. I look forward to your response and seeing a Dr. Dad competition on your Robotussin web site in the near future

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