Report your judges Corruption

Need to have your  judge investigated for acts of public corruption and or violations of state / federal laws?

Well here is what you do!

We strongly suggest that you use these avenues to report your judge as they rarely hear about family court judges and their violations!

Contact the Department of Justice, Public Integrity Division

By mail:

Department of Justice 
Criminal Division 
950 Pennsylvania Ave. 
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

By Fax:

202 514 9412


By e-mail:


By Web: 


By Phone:

Chief: Andrew Lourie
202 514-1412

Florida Judicial Qualification Commission (JQC)


At the state level this is the commission that would handle violations of state law, statutes, and ethics.

This site ( ) has the contact telephone number that you will call to find out what information you will  need to provide to the JQC in order for them to start a investigation. Normally  this would include the following


  • Your case number.

  • Your attorney at the time of the "discretion".

  • Your opposing council.

  • Your opposing litigant.

  • Date and time of hearing.

  • All relevant information about the "discretion".  


Please keep us informed of any results you receive from this division by e-mailing to:


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