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Florida Dad Inc. (web presence Dads of Florida) is dedicated to helping Fathers gain equality.

What we do includes: Fathers support meetings, Demonstrations, Court Watching, Legislative review/recommendations/proposals, Media awareness, help educate Fathers about court procedures.


Our Mission

The Florida Dads Group[ is a Florida based organization that is nonprofit and non governmental,  formed in 1997 as Dads Against Discrimination and reorganized  in 2003 to ensure that children's rights are respected, to identify and draw attention to the root causes of violations of children's rights and to seek practical solutions though knowledge, public awareness by using local community, State and national cooperation. Florida Dads has an active board drawn from state and local experts in human rights, children's issues and criminal justice
The Florida Dads' Mission is to contribute to the protection and promotion of children's rights. In pursuing its mission, the group is guided by the principles enshrined in the convention on the rights of the child and other state, national and regional instruments. The groups objective are to inform and raise public awareness about children's rights, develop promote children's rights and address violations of children's rights. The group will support local, state and national initiatives to implement children's rights while facilitating cooperation within the national community





No Meetings are currently schedued

Contact Information

(954) 493-9763
Postal address
2554 Gulfstream Lane
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
Electronic mail
General Information: info@dadsofflorida.org


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Florida Dad Inc. IS A SELF-HELP GROUP. WE ARE NOT LAWYERS. WE DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. WE CAN NOT AND DO NOT REPRESENT ANYONE IN COURT. If you find a competent, capable lawyer who fully understands your and your children's rights, who is willing and able to tenaciously fight to secure those rights, who completely understands the facts in your case, and who you can afford to pay, you should hire that lawyer and seek that lawyer's advice. If you cannot find or afford to pay such a lawyer, we urge you to seek all available resources to aid yourself in securing these rights.

Dads of Florida. Fathers helping children by helping Fathers

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