Our son is divorced and has equal parenting time, with his 4-year-old


What led up to the divorced was our ex-daughter in law, kept a journal,

and in the journal she wrote down all the things she was planning on

doing and left the journal out and around, so that my son would see and

read it and maybe he would flip and do something wrong. The last thing

was, she was planning to leave and run to N.Y. with their son.

When he went to see an attorney, the first thing the attorney said was,

he would be lucky to get 20% parenting time.(WE DO NOT USE VISITATION)

through the family courts.

After he filed, the first trick she pulled was to call the police and

said he was harassing, and pushed her. This was not a true statement! He

was doing laundry and feeding the child. In the journal she stated she

would do what ever it takes to get him out. The police came and saw

what was going on, told her to leave for several hours, and without the

child. This is the very first thing the women do, is go and files a

restraining order on the man.

They had a mediator, who was bias and against the man, and who would

not up-hold the marriage agreement, wanted to do major changes. The

ex-wife files a motion, and in court the judge saw through what was

happening and said "No Changes To The Marriage Agreement".

At this time it still goes on, she has changed and takes his parenting

time from him, he has signed up his son for different sporting events

and she refuses to take him to games when its her parenting time. When

she takes the child on vacation she keeps him longer than the agreed


So what is the alterative????? BACK TO COURT!



Jean & Robert Bettelli

Members of DADS of Florida,


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