During my divorce I was unjustly recognized as a father and a person.

My wife decided she was tired of married life; right in the middle of me trying to convince her to sign a marital grant to go back to college with me. The next morning she had her things pack and the baby with her and walked out on me, while I was pleading for her to stay for the babies sake. I was left with the legal expense of the divorce. The hearing took place without me being there and another time on an decrease in support appeal I had to pay the bill.

My lawyer sent the notice in the mail to late and I got the notice of the hearing's time and date after the judgement was over. The second time on the decrease in support appeal I was there and still had to pay the legal expense. I lost the appeal.

The Lawyer stated on the first case that I did not have to be there. She won full custody of the child and I only got visitation rights and child support bill. It could not have happen at a worst time.

The unemployment rate was about 14 percent during the Ragan administration. I was working two and three part time jobs, working for room and board, standing in the food stamp line for a full day to get food stamps and going to college.

I finally got a domestic slave trade in Miami and they garnished my wages. This did not make it better for the child, she gain no added support and my income was made worst. 

I have not seen a tax return in 10 or 15 years. Through all of this I managed to see my child, support her from my hand to hers, she stays over sometime, we go out and talk over the phone. Now, she is 16 years old and I am still suffering financially because of the unfairness of Florida's child support rulings. I work 7 days a week part-time on the weekends and full-time M-F.

I am married again and I have a six year old that stays in the same house hold with me. I am working from pay check to pay check to make ends meet. I am in debt up to my head; my children are the only child in their households. But, no one cares about me I have two children I am responsible for in separate households.

Florida's child-support laws have not properly defined the word dead beet father with respect to dead beet legislation makers and American leadership. I have did all I can do that makes since to support both of my children sense they were born. As of now, they are 16 and 6 years old. I am capable of doing much more for them, but my hands are tied financially, socially, economically, racially and legally.

These new legislation will not make a difference. They will only make the millennium children aware of the punishments they will face. The law will only further cripple the non-custodial and non-supportive parent whom is not deliberately supporting their children. These new laws if put into effect will put away a lot of people and cost the tax payers more money, but child support will still be unpaid, because, in most cases the suspect is helpless behind bars.

These new laws will mostly effect blacks and other minorities, because, they have criminal records and children out of wed lock. If child support enforcement agencies all over the USA wants to get support from dead beet parents; they need to handle each case with a legal protocol that sees the big family picture. For example, support has to come from somewhere and it does not grow on trees, it comes from the parents and they cannot give what they do not have.

The family system consist of humans and they don't owe there lives to each other. The protocol must be build to consider all financial, social, economical, legal, political and occupational status of both parents with respect to everyone's needs. Child support laws should be constructed to solve child support problems not punish the source of support, which is the parent in most cases.  

Derick Rolle



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