February 27, 2001

Phyllis F. Ph.D.

District Administrator, D.C.F

District Ten

201 W. Broward Blvd.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Dear Ms. Scott:

May this correspondence serve as both an acknowledgments as wed as a response to your letter dated February 14, 2001.

I am aware and as you stated in your letter, Governor Bush wants this matter GIVEN CLOSE ATTENTION.

You state that you reviewed this case; I am hoping it was accurate and thorough since I, and I am

sure, Governor Bush would like the following questions answered:

1. why was I ordered to court on August 12, 1999 under the false pretenses by you and your

    agency assuming that justice would finally be done for my daughter My daughter, and in an

    "AMBUSH ATTACK", five minutes before court resumed, instead of the abuser Joe ,

    my former wife’s live in boyfriend being charged, you and your agency brought false and

    frivolous charges against me, the protective parent, who along with other witnesses of this

    abuse to my child, brought the incidents to light to D.C.F.? Your only witness on this date,

    Dr. Leo of C.P.T. refuted these outrageous charges and this hearing was angrily

    dismissed by Judge Rosenberg.

2. Why after numerous reports were received by the Florida Abuse Registry, as you state in

    your letter, did you and your agency choose to alienate me, the protective parent, from my

    daughter, by securing an illegal injunction, hampering me from protecting my daughter and

    you and your agency further endangering her both physically and psychologically since a very

    strong bond between my daughter and me was cruelly and abruptly broken due to your

    actions Doctor I am fully aware calls to the Abuse registry were made by but not necessarily

    limited to the following:

            (a) Neighbors where my former wife and daughter resided with the true abuser

              Joe (10/98).

            (b) Myself in (2/99), witnessing bruises and black and blues across my daughter’s

              lower back after not seeing her for one week, my daughter stated to me as well

              as other witnesses that "JOE HIT ME!" After calling the Abuse Registry, I

              followed their instructions and took My daughter to Homesafe in Lake Worth

              where a report was made by Don of D.C.F. and photos of My daughter’s

              abuse were taken by (2) Homesafe employees. On this date My daughter stated to

              another staff member there when questioned "JOE HIT ME." Why at this

              time did your agency fail to notify the police to issue an arrest warrant for Joe ?

Pastor Joseph. after witnessing these abusive injuries to my daughter

    and hearing her say "JOE HIT ME", called the Abuse Registry and Mark

    Holsapfel of D.C.F. who never returned his many calls.

(d) Two State Attorney’s at a later date, contacted the Abuse Registry when (2)

    separate daycare centers my daughter had attended, failed to report suspected

    abuse after witnessing these abusive injuries.

(e) The Boca Raton Community Hospital emergency room also contacted the

    Abuse Registry when witnessing suspected abuse to her eye and face. On

    that date when picking her up stated to (2) daycare workers that "JOE DID

    THIS." Again why did your agency failed to contact the police to issue an

    arrest warrant for Joe or at the very least, issue an injunction to have

    My daughter removed from her abusing and dangerous environment.

why were none of these incidents brought to the court’s attention by you and your agency when,

instead, you choose to pursue me at these false, frivolous and harassing hearings?

You state in your letter that my child is "thriving in a safe and nurturing environment?"

Since you say you performed a review of this case let me not allow you to continue to conceal

and cover-up vital safety issues and facts in this case as has been done by you and your agency

since the onset of this abuse in 10/98, further endangering my child.

Your description of her environment is very disturbing and quite questionable.

It is obvious that the position you have taken to protect the abuser, Joe has put your

agency in a dubious position when the true facts finally surfaced on July 19, 2000 in Judge

court when he ordered "No Contact" with my daughter and her neglectful mother’s

brother who is a crack cocaine addict and with whom her mother, Mary Cacossa, openly admitted

in court on that date that she had left him alone on many occasions with our child since she was

six months old!

Upon your "review", did you not come across a certified letter from me to both you and your

employee Mark approximately one year prior to this July 19th hearing that stated the

dangerous environment my daughter was being subjected to by her mother (see attached).

This warning and informative letter was submitted to the case file the Governor requested you

"review." It is due time you come to terms with the truth by admitting to all the injustices, cover-

ups and lies that you have been engulfed in since the inception of this abuse case.

It is ironic how you and your agency withdrew from this dependency case when on 07/19/00

Judge Frusciante stated "The mother is the problem and I \want this on record." He also ordered

to see the abuser Joe "eyeball to eyeball at the next hearing". (To review properly please

review transcripts of (07/19/00). You state in your letter this case should be filed in family court

not in dependency court. Ms. Scott, how do you come to this conclusion with all these serious

safety issues still remaining unresolved?

At this point you and your agency realized the truth which you were concealing and well aware

of, was being uncovered, and instead of making your dangerous wrongs right and finally taking

measures that would hopefully protect my daughter, the very easy and dangerous way for you

was to again avoid the truth and withdraw your harassing and frivolous charges you manufactured

against me.

Your withdrawal of this hideous case against me was definitely justified, but when you finally did

so, no measures, again, were taken to protect my child by neither D.C.F.’s Kirt or the

Assistant Attorney General Sherri, who were both present at this consequential hearing

of July 19, 2000. (See Judge orders) B.S.O. has also informed me that several abuse

calls have been received even after the 07/19/00 hearing. Ms. Scott please review and give 1l


Your continued use of the term "unfounded" after a period of over (2) years when I and others

provided you with overwhelming evidence of abuse to my daughter by Joe , has proven to

be reckless and detrimental, not only in this case, but was evidenced in both the Joshua Saccone

and Kayla McKean cases and many others. Words you use to mask abuse, such as "unfounded"

are directly related to our children in Florida being injured and killed and this must END!

I, and many others, perceive D.C.F. to be no more than a common street gang with you as their

leader in Broward County Florida abusing your power.

My daughter’s court appointed attorney, Catherine who remained quite inactive during the

dependency case replied when I questioned her about her uninvolvment that she did not want to

anger the BIG WIGS OF D.C.F.. It’s a shame to witness tire negative influence you have over

people who would, otherwise, be in a position to help protect children. (See court orders of

07/19100 and review transcripts)

Mark Holsapfel of D.C.F. even went as far as using the Guardian Ad Litum’s Key by

having her lie on the stand against me and she was subsequently caught in her lies under cross

examination by my attorney, Maria.

I than filed a formal complaint against her which resulted in her resigning from her job.

On a final note, please explain your actions regarding a complaint made to Governor Bush by me

in a certified letter dated February 1, 2001 regarding a "Backdoor", illegal hearing; you requested

personally. Obviously, your only objective was to protect and clear your neglectful and

incompetent D.C.F. worker Kirt.

I was the complainant in this matter and was never notified of a court date and therefore, could

not present evidence and a impartial witness and negative police report about Kirt of

D.C.F.. Marion witness letter and police report attached)

This is another illegal tactic of yours which serves to do no more than continually hurt and kill our

precious children in Florida.

Also please review the entire motion I have filed in Dependency Court which to no-ones surprise

has most likely been influenced by you and your department and subsequently denied.

In view of all of the investigation I and Governor Bush have requested, it is quite evident that

your three (3) paragraph response dated February 14, 2001 is generic and totally inadequate.

I and the Governor are hereby awaiting an in depth response to all of our concerns and questions I

have set forth in this correspondence and attachments listed.

May I re-iterate from your letter that Governor Bush "wants this matter given close attention."

Awaiting your findings, I remain,

Very Truly Yours,

Frank Cacossa


Palm Beach Post News Article 02/13/01 Re: D.C.F.



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