Posting this on your website is fine.  It may help someone make sure they think everything through and it may provoke an idea that helps me.

My ex-wife moved to Florida immediately after our divorce.  I allowed this provided she agree to jurisdiction remaining in Pennsylvania.  I filed to modify visitation with my daughter in PA and had a hearing scheduled when she filed a motion to move jurisdiction to FL and won.  I am now trying to get more time with my daughter and I am told by my attorney that I cannot show significant change in circumstances to have my case heard.  Currently I see my daughter two one week visits every three months.  I am also entitled to one 3 day weekend in Florida per month with her.   Once school starts, visitation drops to three one week visits in the summer and either Christmas of Thanksgiving holiday.  My ex-wife is unwilling to modify this now.  She has agreed to allow the 3-day weekends to be added to my regular visits, but doing so would wipe out all of the changes to date without addressing the school issue. I am remarried with a newborn daughter, and it is impossible to travel to Florida monthly with a new family.  In addition, I have to pay for all travel costs to see her.  I pay over a $1,000 a month in child support, and my ex uses all of this money to pay for her own college, not saving anything for my daughter.  I have recently lost my job and have been told by my attorney that if I take a lesser paying job, the courts will most likely not reduce child support since I could've found a job similar to what I had.  I have sent out over 500 resumes and it has taken almost five months and I still have not found work.  The job market is very tight for high paid people. I am still trying to get my day in court

The move was part of the original divorce decree, and I agreed to it provided that I maintain jurisdiction in the county we were divorced in being Chester County PA.  At the time I felt that I could deal with not seeing my daughter better than I actually could and I went to Florida regularly to see her.  Now that I am remarried, I cannot do that, and I wanted to change the visitation, since half of my visitation is relegated to Florida.

My family lives in Ohio, but my new wife's family lives here.
Me ex has family in South Florida and has moved back in with her parents.
My ex petitioned the court in PA to move jurisdiction to FL, basically undoing her part of the custody stipulation. It has made it so that she controls everything, and can and does constantly change my visitation.  For example, if I ask for x, she will not agree with it as is and make it either x-modified or totally y.  Of course, she feels she is totally accommodating.  To make matters worse, I had given my daughter a "Daddy's Little Girl" necklace that cost hardly anything.  She claims that the house was robbed and it was stolen.  About $5 worth of gold at best.  Also, I purchased equipment for her to allow me to have video conferencing via the computer.  She has refused, and to make it worse, has told her attorney that she sent the equipment back to me and no longer has it.  Of course, I have never received the equipment back, and she sent it normal mail, not UPS or insured so she cannot verify it. She has agreed to allow me 10 minutes a week on video conferencing provided I buy her all new equipment, a new computer, etc. and pay for all the charges.  She already has a computer that her father owns, but has claimed to the court that she doesn't have access to a computer.  She has lied about one being in the house. 

This is more than you asked for, but I hope it helps.


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