My name is Jim Gard. I understand that you may be interested in a Father's Day story regarding men who have limited rights. Here is a copy of a letter I sent to our governor. I have been raked over the coals by Judge Richard Eade, even to the point of being denied to see the kids on Father's Day. His reasoning was that my ex wife made previous arrangements. Now understand, we are both teachers. She made the arrangements immediately AFTER I requested the kids on that day. I can give you a lot of info and will certainly be as fair as possible to both sides of the story. I also do some volunteer work with parents who have been alienated by another parent. As a matter of fact, one case I have now is about a Father  alienating the mother. Read on for a letter I sent to an anti-Dad organization several weeks ago.

The VAST majority of Fathers
 are not family abandoners. A growing number are victims of parental
 alienation. Parental alienation is often a Mother trying to alienate the
 children from the Father (but the other way also happens). In my case, where
 I make sure to support the children, to the tune of 33% of my monthly income,
 which includes paying for 100% of their health insurance and after taxes
 leaves me with around 25% of the gross income to live on-try it see how much
 fun it is to live on maybe one meal a day. The children are NEVER allowed to
 call me, yet when I have them I make it a point to have them speak with Mom.
 I am RARELY informed of medical appoints, even though one of my daughters has  been through 5 heart surgeries. Understand there has never been domestic
 violence, never cheating of any sort. Sure, there are three sides to every
 story, hers, mine, and the truth, but parental alienation is a sickness, a
 way of continuing to control one through the children, a control that was
 lost at the divorce, yet must be continued as a way of satisfying one's own
 addiction. Ultimately, as always, the children suffer. Adults can recognize
 and deal with games others play. Kids are always caught in the middle, and of
 course, as a vast amount of research indicates, grow up to different degrees
 of dysfunctiionality. So, here's one Dad that will never abandon his kids,
 one Dad who will make sure that no matter what is directed toward him, the
 kids will not suffer, one Dad who, when the kids are distressed, will deal
 with it in such a way as to relieve their stress making sure they know they
 are loved by both parents and will never show disrespect for the other parent
 around them, and one Dad who knows how to have fun with the kids while
 developing them mentally, socially, and physically. see...


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