My nightmare begins on June 7, 1998 when my then wife had me served with divorce papers.

I knew it was coming because we had been to counseling and the councilor told my wife that she was so far of the unreasonable scale that it could not be measured, we never went back again.

After that it began, with the help of some friends, my wife tried to have me removed from the house by calling the police on me. The very first time she was completely drunk and had to go to the neighbors to make the call. The neighbors were so concerned about her intoxication level that they took her car keys away from her and gave them to me. The police came and told her she could sleep it off either at home or in jail, but if they found out that she was going to try to drive, again they would bust her for DUI.

This first call set the ball in motion. Because it was a domestic disturbance call, Women in Distress began calling my house, if I answered they would hang up. This went on for about a month since my wife was not at home, it was just me and our year old son. I guess that WID finally made contact with her since one day I went to the store for diapers (leaving our son with his mother) and when I got back they were gone. It was one month before I saw my son again. Women in Distress had effectively hidden him from me while helping my wife to file a restraining order against me. The order was denied by the Judge (the only good thing she did) and then dropped by my wife before the fifteen day trial. After Women in Distress hid my son for a month leaving my wife to care for him full time, (something she had never done for more that a few hours), she brought him home. I gave my wife 3000 dollars so she could move out , get established without having to go into her bank account. We then agreed to a 50/50 split. This split work pretty good since I worked from home and she was a teacher, however this would change. I still do not know what the motivation was/is but after 1.5 years of marriage she wanted to take it all from me, as she had stated before.

To make a long story short, that is just what happened. She had her opposing council pay off my attorney, the custody investigator put taps on my phone line, break into my house and steal documents and other things. To date our judge has ordered my three year old into school full time, he use to stay at home with me and his cousins, she has ordered me to sell my house (I owned 11 years. Prior to marriage), ordered 31 grand out of my 401k (stared 18 prior to marriage), set my child support to be 2/3 of my take-home pay, and ordered my x-wife and I to see, and for me to pay at the rate of 250 an hour, a parenting coordinator that happens to donate heavily to the judges re-election campaign.

It still goes on with the x-wife keeping our son away from his family and demanding more money.

Somebody pinch me as I wish to wake now!



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