• DADs Boycott list. As an organization we plan to keep track of Father/child unfriendly businesses, products, agencies and more. This is a very effective way to "change" opinions used by many large and powerful organization. Now it is our turn to do the same, with your help we can and will make a difference. If you feel we should add more to the list, send it to, info@dadsofflorida.org 

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Tim McVeigh's book

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I am an OKC fireman and I hope that Tuesday when Tim McVeighs book hits the
newsstands that NO ONE WILL BUY IT.
Johnson & Johnson Commercials ignore fathers' concerns about health care for their children.
Summit Questa Schools Teacher Ms. Kristen with staff support will testify against Fathers in court, and even lie under oath.
American Heritage Schools Will not allow fathers of divorce to have in person parent teacher conferences
Saturn of west Broward Sales personnel will testify against fathers using untrue statements
 General Mills (parent company) Pillsbury and Betty Crocker This company promotes the sale of its products using gender bias formats that ignore fathers as a parent with the ability to care, and in some commercials, even be responsible for preparing meals for the family and children. This can not be tolerated and we will not buy their products!    See Letter
American Home Products, Whitehall-Robins corp. Makers of Robitussin  If you watch TV. at all, you have seen this companies commercials with "Dr. Mom".  As this has been the companies whole marketing campaign for over 10 years always portraying the father as the incapable parent. This type of commercial strengthens the public perception that a man is not capable of proper parenting and has no concern for other family members. If the product line is so week that a entire gender must be degraded just to make a sale, then there product is never going to be on my shopping list!    See letter and  See Response 
JCPenney Company This company uses commercials that degrade fathers and men in general as not possessing the ability to care for children  See Letter and  See Response
Car Talk on National Public Radio In recent show told woman call in how to destroy current car so she could make soon to be X husband pay for new vehicle see Boycott NPR article
NBC New fall season show that belittles the ability of fathers to care for their children! Meet Mister Mom
CBS has produced a television show that will inform the television watching audience of what monsters fathers are! Close to Home
Dads of Florida. Fathers helping children by helping Fathers

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