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Interview of Florida DADs members in the Broward County paper The Forum

Interview of Florida DADs Members Titled "When Dads Get Mad"

Interesting Homilies

Child support enforcement article

CBS News article on Joint Custody

Survey on Broward Judges for fairness

Press Release (past)

Child age 3 sentenced to daycare

Father are important too

Stop Paternity Fraud proposed legislation

President quietly closed Office for Women's Initiatives

Call to Action

Tom Collins Miami Daily Business Review April 6, 2001, writes about the growing number of pro se litigants

Fathers Doing Time


Letter From Dads to CBS News

Testimony provided to Florida's Fatherhood Commission

Letter to Education Commissioner Charlie Crist

Rotating Custody legislation sent to our Legislators

Letter to Chief Judge Dale Ross 17th circuit  and The Chief Judge's response

Second Letter to Chief Judge Dale Ross and The Chief Judge's response

Third response to Chief Judge Dale Ross

Articles about judges in Dade and Broward county as reported by two south Florida papers

Article about Dads of Florida

Support for parental right-to-children's-records from public / private businesses

Letter to senator about house bill 400 and form letter for you to use on same issue

Dads donate to children

Revised Rotating Custody (Shared Residential Responsibility) language (2001-2 session)

Senate votes to double divorce fee

Article About Dads of Florida in Saddletime Magazine

Add Placed in Motorcycle Mikes Magazine (Jpeg file)

Response from Representative Wishner on True Shared Parenting (jpg file)

Equally Shared Residential Responsibility Proposed Legislation (2002-3 session)

Boycott NPR

Letter to Broward County Commissioners.


If you would like to see the quick time and power point clips of some of our protest please send an email and I will send them to you in zip files. mailto:info@dadsofflorida,org


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